About Us

Our Philosophy

Utter wellbeing is our ultimate goal. We believe in a renewed sense of wellbeing and encourage empowering your highest potential. We think outside the box. We teach wellbeing meaning:

> we teach leverage

> we teach true self empowerment

> we teach mindfulness

> we encourage self reflection

> We learn by doing and develop and grow into and from the best version of self.

Aligned Wellness embodies empowering beliefs that anyone can be, do or have anything of which they desire in their life experience and live a joyous fulfilling life experience at all levels.  Our focus is steadfast in your success. We view from the lens of upwards and onwards and teach a practise of achievement steering away from a practise of utilizing tools to cope with the ups and downs in life.

Why horses?  

Horses are prey animals and are present beings. Mindful beings considering their safety at all times. Present in every moment. They are herd animals that seek leadership within their herd. They are are intuitive, sensitive and utterly authentic beings that offer no judgement whatsoever and are a true reflection of their human counterpart. 

As a prey animal, their communication amongst the herd is mostly nonverbal in nature and they rely mostly on non verbal body language. The experience of working with an equine counterpart is profound and offers for extraordinary enriching experience. 

Equine-assisted learning is an experiential and transformative modality. Experiential learning with horses provides incredible insight, personal reflection, and a renewed sense of self-awareness. Participants, whether involved in group programming or as individual program, self develop walking away with a renewed sense of confidence, improved communication skills, stronger relationships, and new tools for implementing sustained change.

A bit about me. My name is Dayana Sovran, Founder of Aligned Wellness.  I am an Equine Inspired Wellness Coach with a passion and specialization for personal development.  After a combined 20 years within the Human Resources realm, first beginning  in human resources as a consultant within the corporate world and 15 years in government services working in case management, assisting people with physical and psychological injuries and conditions recover and return to life. My last roles taught me a lot about wellbeing and how mindset affects recovery and thriving. How it affects leadership and success. I noticed it in every interaction, in every observation whether in conversation with others or simply listening to others interact amongst themselves.  Over time, I fully moved into Wellness Coaching.

Six years ago, my passion for personal development and wellbeing inspired me to dive into how mindset and self empowerment is available to everybody.  I was certified as a Health Coach, then acquiring my certification as a Transformational Life Coach and later as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.  An avid learner, I am continuously expanding my own personal development travelling to California, Texas and North Carolina regularly to meet and engage with other mindset and equine inspired practitioners.  I always desire to be learning more, to hone my own facilitation skills and bring new inspired offerings from my interactions and travel.  It remains my passion and purpose to help guide people to their personal best from any age. Because it is always possible.