Why Horses?


Here at Aligned Wellness, connection with horses heal & restore balance.

Horses are prey animals and are present beings. Mindful beings considering their safety at all times. Present in every moment. They are herd animals that seek leadership within their herd. They are are intuitive, sensitive and utterly authentic beings that offer no judgement whatsoever and are a true reflection of their human counterpart.

As a prey animal, their communication amongst the herd is mostly nonverbal in nature and they rely mostly on non verbal body language. The experience of working with an equine counterpart is profound and offers for extraordinary enriching experience.

Equine-assisted learning is an experiential and transformative modality. Experiential learning with horses provides incredible insight, personal reflection, and a renewed sense of self-awareness. Participants, whether involved in group programming or as in individual program, self develop walking away with a renewed sense of confidence, improved communication skills, stronger relationships, and new tools for implementing sustained change.

Introductory Special Rate for Private 1:1 Equine Assisted Session

We are currently offering one introductory 1:1 equine assisted hour long session for $80.  Cost thereafter is $120 per session.  Customizable packages are available.

Services Offered

Private 1:1 Sessions


We are currently offering one introductory 1:1 equine assisted session $80 for 1.5 hrs.  Cost thereafter is $120 per session.  

Packages are available.

Mindset Coaching Programs


Stay tuned... new program information is coming soon.

Leadership Programs for Youth


Stay tuned... new program information coming soon.


Our Equine Assisted workshops and sessions are held at Restoration Ranch, 2020 Safari Rd, Cambridge, ON